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Key West Time
July 31st
3:22am •

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The 4th of July In Paridise


The rain subsided and the clouds cleared for a great night of fireworks and Independence Day celebration. The 4th of July is always a popular holiday to spend in key west. If you are planing on watching the fireworks display from the beach, better get there early and secure a spot on the sand. Think about booking now if you are planning on coming for the celebration next year. Call (305) 294-7358


Touring Key West’s Little White House

Wandering away from the Hemingway House, further up Whitehead street and Caroline Street, you will find the entrance to the Little White House Key West. Before coming across the building, you have to walk down this street flanked on both sides by some of the most elegant and beautiful houses that can be found in Key West.

P1540783 P1540785

The Harry S. Truman Little White House is complete with the original 1949 furniture, the original 7 bedrooms and President Truman’s own personal poker table that he would use to play informal matches against members of his staff. The estate is surrounded by a large garden, perfect for casual strolls as well as serving as a beautiful backdrop for wedding ceremonies. Only a few minutes away lies the Truman Annex Beach where the president himself would go for a few hours to soak up the sun.



P1540788 P1540791

Guided tours are available and are strongly recommended as you are given a deeper insight into a piece of American History and Harry S. Truman’s stays in Key West, where he gained the nickname “Truman the Human”. Tours of each room of the house are provided, alongside an informational video that highlights his time spent in Key West. The Little White House is worth the time and money as you are introduced into one of Key West’s dearest friends and one of America’s most popular presidents. More information and tickets available here.

A Stroll Through The Hemingway House

P1540764 Walking back from the Southernmost Point, the Hemingway House Key West is a great place to stop and appreciate where the famous literary Earnest Hemingway wrote the majority of his life’s work. The estate, completely surrounded by vegetation, is a quaint 2-story home, complete with the original furniture and possessions of Hemingway. P1540739 P1540743 A veranda encircling the house at the second floor, gives you a 360 panoramic view of the gardens, as well as a view of the first in ground pool in Key West and Hemingway’s own personal writing center. Built in 1851 by a marine architect called Asa Tift, the estate came into Hemingway’s possession in 1931 when he moved to the island of Key West alongside his second wife Pauline Pfeiffer. Prowling the gardens are the infamous Hemingway cats. There are approximately 48 of them, and all of them carry the polydactyl gene, which gives them six toes opposed to five; however, only about half of the cats actually have the six toes. P1540771 The Hemingway House is an excellent way to immerse yourself in an historic scene, a scene that belonged to one of the most important and renowned literary figures of the 20th century.Take a guide into the beautifully and originally furnished home of Ernest Hemingway or take a stroll through the estate’s garden, ducking beneath palm trees and ambling away with the Hemingway cats.  The Hemingway House Key West is open daily from 9am to 5pm, and for only $13 ( adult price) you will receive an enriching experience within Hemingway’s estate. P1540758 P1540753

A walk to the Southernmost Point


Starting from “Mile Marker 0″ at the beginning of Whitehead Street, the walk to the Southernmost Point is around five blocks. Each block on the way to one of Key West’s most popular attractions is peppered with the adorable white gingerbread houses where masses of green vegetation such as palm trees sprout from each angle. The petals of the royal Poinciana lay in puddles on the sidewalks, their rich red and orange color contrasting with the drab grey of the concrete; both the palm trees and the royal Poinciana trees drape themselves over picket fences, creating a cooling shadow for the people walking under the relentless Florida sun.


As you walk down the streets, you can hear roosters nesting in-between bushes as lizards and geckos – each of a different shade of green – scuttle up and down trees and fences. As you near the Southernmost Point, you begin to see the crystalline color of the ocean, and hear the buzz of the tourists’ excited voices as they eagerly wait in line for their turn to take a picture with the big concrete buoy that marks one of the extreme points in the United States.

At the Southernmost Point, cars and bikes whiz by as people from all around the world shuffle and stand in a line that extends down the block. Cameras click furiously as a local vender down the street shouts at and coaxes nearby walkers to buy his coconut drilled drinks and his iced $1 waters.

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Here Is A Map To Help You Find It: