Fantasy Fest Key West ~ Find Your Haunt with Vacation Homes of Key West

Fantasy Fest Faces - Photography by Bill Klipp

'Star Man' - photo by Bill Klipp


This blog post was written by M. Scott Irwin, my husband and a ‘professional fun lover’ who has lived in Key West since before the very first Fantasy Fest. He’s seen nearly all of them, since 1978 when Tony Falcon and the late Bill Conkel and, Joe Liska and the late  Frank Romano organized the first party. 

It took on a life its own, and the rest …as they say … is history. – Cindy


“At the end of the road in the end of October,
On All Hallows Eve,
All Hell Breaks Loose,
It’s Fantasy Fest in ‘Old Key West’ …

For the past 34 years, Key West, the come as you are party town, has been perfecting the ultimate come as you aren’t celebration. On an island where gender confusion and eccentric behavior are considered ‘art forms,’ fantasy and reality are truly ‘in the eye of the beholder’ And believe me … there will be plenty for the eye to behold!

This year’s ‘Aquatic Frolic’ theme will provide plenty of opportunity to ‘Swim in the Deep End.’  So whether you are the extrovert performer, or the closet voyeur, it’s a full week of mind expanding fun!

Who knows who You might become?

After all these years, one of the best ways to enjoy the fun is to experience Fantasy Fest in your own fantasy spot … over looking Duval Street or in close proximity to the festivities. Find your own special haunt with Vacation Homes of Key West.  We have the best fantasy vacation rentals on the island.”

Let the Fun Begin … M. Scott Irwin

Photography courtesy of Bill Klipp –


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