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Cooking on Vacation in Key West

House Beautiful Kitchen in ‘Classic Key West Estate’ vacation rental


It’s hard to argue with the fact that one of the best parts of any Key West vacation is indulging in the local specialty tastes like the amazing variety of local seafood available fresh every day.  Having your own private kitchen to cook in is one of the best ways to discover the best of the fare.  We have clients at Vacation Homes of Key West (VHKW) who choose their vacation rental based upon the amenities of the kitchen.

Of course it’s wonderful to eat out at the local restaurants during your vacation, and you’ll surely want to plan a dining itinerary around some favorite eateries and dining establishments.  But it’s also fun to get creative in the kitchen in your home-away-from-home and see what you can whip-up with your own special touch as you forage for the local specialties.

Many of our vacation rental kitchens are luxurious with granite counter tops, artistic tiles and high-end appliances. Almost all of them are set up with cooking in mind and supplied with pots and pans, blenders, baking dishes, measuring tools and mixers.  Cupboards are set with dishes and flatware, serving bowls and platters.

A Key West vacation rental kitchen is also very helpful on the budget. You can more comfortably splurge on pricy delicacies.  A home staged seafood fest of fresh stone-crab claws and baked grouper paired with chilled white wine or specialty beer is a great way to experience more expensive choices for less. If you’re traveling with your family, eating-in part of the time can stop can make the vacation considerably more affordable.

In Key West there is far too much good food to try to experience by dining out every day. So why not enjoy the kitchen while you’re in Key West? Prepare some exotic breakfasts of fresh coconut and banana pancakes or pack a picnic lunch of steamed big pink shrimp,  mango salsa, fresh conch salad, and guacamole and chips, and sit at Fort Zachary Taylor or Higg’s Beach and imagine the next exotic island meal you can make. You might even dream up some new recipes you can take back home.


What To Do In Key West When It Rains?

So, you have arrived in paradise, Key West, FL. The only problem is the rain storm gathering just overhead. Well, not to worry, Key West has a few options for rainy day fun. So, what Key West attraction is best to do on a rainy day?

Well, Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum is a great rainy day activity for anyone visiting Key West. This is the only fully accredited museum in the Florida Keys. The exhibits here showcase many finds from across the Florida Keys. With everything from world famous gold & emerald treasure, to cannon balls used by real pirate ships, everyone is sure to find something of interest. You also get the chance to pick up a real gold bar! Located at 200 GREENE ST.

Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum

Barry KWC set 309

If pirates and treasure are just not your thing, the next suggestion would be, The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. This fully enclose observatory features some 50 to 60 different species from around the world, as well as varieties of colorful birds, all under a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed habitat. Take your camera, the wildlife inside is very friendly, creating some not to be missed photo opportunities. Located at 1316 Duval Street, this is a great place to hangout after a stroll down the main strip. 

Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

Butterfly Conserv - entire building Barry KWC set 350


Key West Songwriter’s Festival 2015

It’s time again for The Key West Songwriters Festival. This is the 20th year the festival has rocked Key West. For the past 20 year this event has grown to be both a tourist attraction and local favorite. This event is the largest festival of songwriters in the world. With a full schedule featuring five nights of performances and appearances by the best songwriters alive. This year is sure to be one for the books.


This local event attracts some of the best know in the music industry. The event features several performances and informative talks at various venues across town. There is a complete schedule listed below.


See The PDF Schedule By Clicking The Images Below:


Key West Conch Republic Celebration

The southernmost city is gearing up for this year’s Conch Republic Independence Celebration!



As Key West gears up for the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration coming up April 17 – 26, 2015, we do so in bitter sweetness without the leadership of our beloved friend Sir Peter Anderson, former Secretary General of the Conch Republic from 1990 – 2014. Peter is deeply missed in Key West, since he lost his courageous battle against cancer in July 2014. With his passing fresh in our hearts, it’s natural to expect to see him turn up any minute, his vibrant humorous self scurrying about in the official Conch Republic electric car generating enthusiasm. Credited for developing the brand of the Conch Republic, Sir Peter Anderson created and supplied Conch Republic Passports to enthusiasts worldwide. It was our own Sir Peter Anderson that was quick to remind us that, “The foreign policy of the Conch Republic was founded on the mitigation of world tension through the exercise of humor, warmth and respect in a world we find in sore need of all three.”

The week-long Independence Celebration of the Conch Republic 2015, takes place at various locations around the island, on land and sea. For landlubbers the highlight is often said to be the wildly popular benefit bed races down Duval Street. The female impersonator “Great Conch Republic Drag Race” &  the “Conch Republic Red Ribbon Bed Race.” There will also be a “conch cruiser” car show, a pet stroll, a pirates ball, and various other entertaining salutes, tributes, and events in honor of the Conch Republic. You never know quite what to expect in these zany events. But one thing for sure is that a fantastic time is had by all.

If you’re quite not clear on how the Conch Republic came about, we have to go back in time to 1982, when a group of Key West locals ‘seceded from the United States.’ The U.S. Border Patrol had set up a road block at the north end of the Florida Keys, looking for drug traffickers. The ploy was ineffective in catching drug runners, but the nuisance traffic delays it created did have the unfortunate effect of discouraging tourists from making the drive down the Florida Keys, therefore stifling tourism in Key West.

In humorous protest, a group of Key West creatives, lead by then Mayor Dennis Wardlow, was proclaimed the Prime Minister of the Conch Republic, who ‘declared war’ by symbolically breaking a loaf of bread over the head of a fellow prankster dressed in a Navy uniform. Within minutes, they ‘surrendered’ to the man in mock Navy costume and applied for a billion dollars in foreign aid. The Conch Republic evolved over time in legend and lore, and was possibly best described by the late great Secretary General who served with dedication from 1990 – 2014:


“Dedicated to the fundamentally American spirit of a people unafraid to stand up to ‘government gone mad with power’ that embodied the founding of the Conch Republic in 1982. As the world’s first fifth world nation, a sovereign state of mind seeking only to bring more humor, warmth and respect to a world in sore need of all three, the Conch Republic remains the country who seceded where others failed.”

-Sir Peter Anderson, Secretary General of the Conch Republic


Peter Anderson adored this island and worked hard to preserve its authenticity and environmental integrity, and would expect nothing else but for everyone to move forward full speed ahead with fun and folly … we can hear him now, “Come one, come all.” So with our friend in our hearts, we get ready for this week long celebration of life as we know it in this tiny micro-nation.

Vacation Homes of Key West is most excited for the sea lovers sailing race, known as the Wreckers Cup, that’s staged in honor of the tenacious salvagers known as “wreckers.” With tongue-in-cheek reckless abandon, seaworthy participants sail out and around the coral reef recreating in the imagination the torturous journey taken by the wreckers of Key West’s past. There will also be the truly amazing annual Battle of Key West Secession, a ‘mock battle’ in the Key West Harbor. The Conch Republic Navy, made up of Key West wooden schooners and tourist boats, and the Conch Republic Air Force, made up of volunteer planes flying overhead, face-off in folly with an actual U.S. Navy vessel! This is an unbelievably outrageous Key West event that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you grab a seat on the dock at the Key West Harbor. And don’t forget to bring a conch shell horn to blow in support.

We know you’ll be here with us in spirit, Sir Peter Anderson, Secretary General of the Conch Republic,  1990 – 2014. May you rest in peace.



See the full event schedule below: