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Are Face Masks Required in Key West?

Yes. Key West has a City Ordinance that requires face masks or facial coverings to keep everyone safe and healthy. The rules are simple to follow. Inside - When you are inside public establishments face masks or facial coverings are required. If you are in a restaurant you may remove your mask to eat and drink. Outside - When you are outside in public, a mask is required if you cannot social distance 6 feet apart. #socialdistancinginkeywest

Please be sure to keep a mask with you and put it on if you find yourself within 6 feet of another person. Code enforcement personnel are prepared to give written citations that lead to fines if people do not comply with the City Ordinance.

Are Key West Beaches Open?

Key West Beaches are generally open. It is possible that beaches may be closed as a precautionary measure if there is a holiday or festival that draws a large crowd from the mainland of Florida. Case in point - Beaches are closed from July 2 and will reopen July 7, 2020, during the 4th of July holiday period. #keywestbeachesclosed

Are Key West Bars Open?

No. Key West Bars are closed at this time. However, restaurants with bars are serving liquor and wine. You must be seated at a table in the restaurant to drink alcohol.

Are Key West Restaurants Open? Can You Drink Alcohol in Restaurants?

Yes. Most Key West Restaurants are open to dine in for seating to 50% capacity. Many restaurants have outdoor seating. Reservations are recommended due to limited capacity. Many Key West restaurants have bars. You can order drinks to be served at your dining table. You cannot sit at the bar and drink. You cannot walk around a restaurant carrying a drink.

We are happy to help you make a restaurant reservation. You must wear a face mask or facial covering when you enter a restaurant. Once you are seated at your table you may take if off. If you get up from the table to walk to the restroom or anywhere in the restaurant, you must put on your mask.

Where Can I Find Live Music in Key West?

Some outdoor restaurants have live music. You can sit at a table, have something to eat, and listen to music. Here are some places that generally have live music:

Check in advance to see if they are offering music.

Can I have a Lunch or Dinner Catered at the Vacation Rental?

Yes. There are excellent professional Key West chefs who are experienced at serving (and preparing) meals in private homes. We are happy to recommend and/or arrange a caterer for you.

Can I Have Groceries and Wine, and Liquor Delivered to the Vacation Rental?

Yes. You can have deliveries once you arrive. It is also possible to arrange for delivery prior to your arrival. If you want groceries delivered prior to your arrival, we will need to arrange this in advance so we can receive the delivery. There are two options for grocery deliver. Publix Supermarket - has two stores on Key West. Faustos Food Palace - Conch Town Liquor will deliver liquor.

What Are Some Fun and Unique Social Distance Activities in Key West?

Any activity on the water. Consider a private sunset sail, fishing charter, boat charter out to a sand bar. The water is incredibly clear in Key West. There are several sand bars you can boat to and have a picnic. This is a favorite of local Key Wester's. There are no cruise ships docking at our island which means the silt on the ocean bottom is not churned up. Many people are comparing it to the crystal-clear water of The Bahamas.

If you're not interested in a water activity, have a staycation at your vacation rental. Enjoy the swimming pool, gardens, have a BBQ, have food delivered, or take out your favorite food and eat in. Enjoy the special beauty of your own rental home in the tropical Key West.

Will My Key West Vacation Rental Be Sanitized?

Yes. VHKW - Vacation Homes of Key West follows enhanced cleaning directives set by Monroe County, the City of Key West, and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).

In addition to the enhanced cleaning standards, all check-in and check-outs for our guests will be done remotely with lock boxes and key codes. Printed copies of CDC regulations and guidelines, copies of local COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, and signage explaining the new cleaning protocols, are placed at the vacation rental properties. Our cleaning and property staff will wear facial coverings and gloves and practice social distancing from each other while on property.

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