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Summer Social Distancing in a Vacation Rental

Summer has come around, and this is the time that people usually start packing up and heading out for their exciting summer vacations. Unfortunately, the entire world was put on hold for awhile because of the coronavirus outbreak; and this hold has delayed summer vacation planning for many. The uncertainty of the whole situation has understandably kept many people from committing to any real plan, but that doesn't mean the travel bug left them. 

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Businesses and countries alike are cautiously reopening their doors to visitors. They are regaining what was lost and returning joy into people's lives. With this hope in mind, people are planning vacations again, as airlines and driving routes reopen, and vacation rentals are welcoming guests again. 

Now, one thing to keep in mind about all of this is that even though public places are reopening slowly, it is important to be cautious and stay safe. Wearing face masks or facial coverings helps everyone stay safe as we go about our daily business and make travel plans. Even though communities have been given the green light to open, we should make our health and the health of our loved ones our first priority. 

Being cautious does not mean that you are required to lock yourself in your home and wait out the virus; you could be waiting a long time. It is possible to plan a safe, fun, exciting, and adventurous vacation to Key West to break the monotony of staring at the same 4 walls. Keeping the current situation in mind, you'll just have to be smart about your planning! 

When we suggest being "smart" about planning your vacation, we mean in a way that ensures you are maintaining social distancing practices throughout your trip. You might be thinking that that doesn't sound fun, but trust us, Key West is still Key West, and you're going to have the best time of your life! 

interior kitchen vacation rental

When it comes to social distancing, deciding where you stay very important. Hotels and BnBs are too full of people in common areas, and won't be feasible for social distancing. However, staying at private vacation rental properties create an environment that is a lot more comfortable and secluded. These properties provide visitors a private space with nobody else but you and your travel companions or family!  

Having a vacation renal that is private and home-like will give you a lot more security in terms of your health. Plus, these properties are great for kids, too, so you can travel with your whole family! Not only will you get to stay away from unnecessary crowds but will also create a safe central spot for everyone to meet throughout the vacation, somewhere you can unwind and relax without a care. 

You might think that you are limited in the options you get with these rental properties, but the choices are plentiful. Properties with swimming pools and fenced-in tropical gardens are quite popular on the island. These properties will give you the peace of mind of having your own private swimming, away from crowds who could potentially be carriers of the virus. 

A swimming pool is a great feature to have on vacation anyway. It provides tons of fun for kids and adults alike and is a great place to relax and hang out in general. When you rent your own property, you also have the option to BBQ by the pool, meaning you can create your own entertainment with a tropical backdrop without leaving the property. 

Another thing to keep in mind, is that private vacation rental homes are ideal places to work remotely. Properties have high speed internet and often even have an office area or desk to set up a place to work with a view of a tropical garden, swimming pool, and some have a great ocean view.

VHKW ~ Vacation Homes Key West has put together a comprehensive plan to ensure that all their rental properties are safe and strictly following CDC guidelines. They have posted the following statement to show their guests exactly how they provide cleanliness and safety for your peace of mind: 

New STAY SAFE plan launched by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)

Vacation Homes of Key West follows the new 'STAY SAFE' plan. This is for the health and safety challenges of COVID-19. It was launched by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). Our experienced head housekeeping team has been with us for over 15 years. This team uses the enhanced cleaning protocols for cleaning our vacation rentals.

The STAY SAFE plan addresses sanitizing products and cleaning practices. This includes laundering linens and towels in accordance with CDC guidelines. At VHKW, we are following all CDC guidelines. We also provide bed quilts that can be efficiently and sanitized. Safety guidelines are in place for interactions between staff and guests.

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Common and Shared Areas

Wipe down keypads with disinfectant wipes if anyone in your group is at high risk. Take a few minutes to clean shared surfaces prior to using them. The disinfectant spray is available for your use.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. But it is important to practice social distancing while you are lounging around the pool.

Follow the same good practices you use at home, as recommended by the CDC. Wash your hands often throughout your stay. Important to do after visiting public places in Key West. While at your rental, clean and disinfect "high touch" surfaces. These include tables, hard chairs, doorknobs, handles, phones, tablets, touch screens, light switches, toilets, and sinks.

We understand that taking care of people is at the heart of hospitality. Our staff is committed to your safety, health, and comfort. We truly enjoy welcoming you into our properties. We want you to feel assured that we are doing our part. Enjoy the 'ultimate social distancing vacation' for your family or group that naturally comes with renting your own private home in Key West.

So now, all that's left to do is book direct and save on your vacation rental spot, pack your bags and head on over to the beautiful tropical island of Key West! 

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