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July 4th
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Key West: The Ideal 2020 Summer Get Away During Pandemic

Greetings from Key West, Florida and VHKW Greetings from Key West, Florida

If you're thinking about traveling to Key West during the coronavirus pandemic, we at VHKW - Vacation Homes of Key West, understand that you may have some questions and concerns. The news and social media are filled with negativity, but as local Key Westers we feel the need to balance that out. We live and work here, and also believe that our little island is the perfect place to have a social distancing vacation.  We want to take a few minutes to give you positive feedback our guests who are having such a good time that they are posting rave reviews on-line.

First, remember that Key West is a tiny island 150 miles out to sea, and it remains a safe harbor offering sights and experiences with ample opportunity to socially distance. If any destination can handle a pandemic world, it’s Key West, where natural disasters such as tropical storms and hurricanes are part of life. Keep in mind that our vacation rentals provide the optimal home base for social distancing, working remotely, and even home schooling your children, while you relax and enjoy a change of scenery.

Please note that the City of Key West has put into place protective measures for the health and safety of our visitors and residents during the COVID-19 crisis.We also want to remind you that we have put into place enhanced cleaning and housekeeping practices in all our vacation rentals, as directed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). We take every cleaning precaution to assure the health and safety of you and your loved ones. If you rent a property that shares a common pool area, the CDC reports that the virus is not spread through water in a pool or hot tub. Also, that areas around our swimming pools are disinfected, and sanitizers are always on hand for pool and patio furniture if you choose to do that yourself.

A Note on Things to Do: Though the bars are closed for precautionary measures, most Key West restaurants are open. For enjoying alcoholic beverages and listening to music,most restaurants serve wine, beer, and cocktails. Sit down, with 6 feet distancing around you, and enjoy a meal with your favorite libations. Live music venues that serve food are also open, with large plexiglass shields in front of the stage to create an additional health and safety barrier.

Then there are the wide variety of other unique island experiences. Day trips on the water to snorkel, dolphin watch, dive, fish, and explore the sandbars. And a favorite of everyone – sunset cruises on the harbor. Plus, all our beaches are open. Rent kayaks, windsurfers, sun umbrellas and pack a picnic. Some with beaches, such as Higg's Beach, Fort Zachary Taylor State Beach and Smather's Beach, and beach side restaurants or food trucks. There is boutique shopping in Old Town. You can also enjoy some of the unique destinations on the planet, like the Key West Butterfly Conservatory, the East Martello Tower Museum with the famous haunted Robert the Doll, the Truman Waterfront Park, a boat or seaplane trip out to Fort Jefferson, to name only a few. Key West is a great place to visit right now.

If you choose to spend most of your time at your vacation rental, keep in mind that we can arrange grocery shopping and delivery to your vacation rental, so you don't even need to go to the store. We can also arrange private catering with some awesome chefs.

So, at VHKW we say don’t hesitate about coming down to the island of Key West, where our motto is “One Human Family.” But don’t take our word for it. We want to pass on to you some of the positive experiences happy visitors have shared on social media, who recently vacationed in Key West. We also include several 5-Star reviews from our happy people who have visited Key West this summer, and who loved their stay with We hope to see you soon in the Southernmost City on the tiny island we call home.

Key West is a tiny island 2 X 4 miles - 150 miles out to sea Key West is tiny island 2 X 4 miles - 150 miles out to sea. It is closer to Havana than Miami

Aug 1 - Aug 5. "OMG. Keys are beautiful! Saw sea turtles while snorkeling @ Looe Key! Jet skis around Key West, the harbor was so choppy, but stunning! All the Old Town sites, breakfast @ Sandy's, Pepe's & Blue Heaven! Dinner @ El Siboney's, Taco Tuesday @ Sandbar & Conch Restaurant (Red's were AMAZING)! Bicycling Duval was so much fun! Can't forget Bloody May's @ the Tree Bar & puzza from Angelina's! Conch fritters! We stayed with a friend, who gets the same rental every year, with private pool🤩 I'm sure I've missed something! Y'all! I AM SO GLAD WE WENT! We will TOTALLY be back again! – Desirae Jackson – Key West Facebook Page

July 26 – “… This is our first trip here and it’s been absolutely the best vacation. Every business we visited was glad to see us. We did the sunset dinner cruise that was great. Most people were wearing mask everywhere we went and it wasn’t a problem. We had total respect for all the rules in place and it didn’t stop us from doing everything we wanted to do. If you are planning a trip here in the near future DON’T cancel it!!!! Come down be respectful of the rules and have a wonderful vacation. Don’t listen to some of the grumpy locals, these business’s need you and want you!” Tom Chamberlain – Key West Facebook Page

5 Star Google Review from happy guest who stayed with VHKW in July 2020 5 Star Google Review from happy guest who stayed with VHKW at The Family Reunion Vacation Rental in July 2020

5 Star Review from guest who stayed an extra night 5 Star Review from a guest of VHKW who had so much fun on vacation in July 2020, that they extended their trip one more day.

5 Star Review from a happy guest who writes the house he rented from VHKW in august 2020 was perfect for his friends and family

5 Star Yelp Review from happy guest who rented a cottage on Duval St. in July 2020. 5 Star Yelp review from guest who rented a cottage on Duval Street in July 2020. He loved the cottage and appreciated the attentiveness of the VHKW staff.

There’s also lots of positive chatter about visiting Key West. When someone on the Key West Facebook Page asked if they will have fun in Key West this year, and if they should come, many happy people chimed in – here’s only a few remarks:


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