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Key West Time
October 17th
12:02am · 80°F

Key West's Coffee Obsession

Nothing gets done before coffee, and I mean nothing. Why would it? Key West has some of the best coffee around. Coffee in Key West is ritual you can found being played out at any of the local coffee shops. Most cafes are a quick bike ride away from anywhere you stay in Key West. As you approach, you'll see locals getting their caffeine fix before work. When you step up to the window and the barriesta points to you, that means talk. Try saying 'cortadito con uno azucar' which means Cuban espresso with a small amount of milk & one sugar.

After you order take a seat. Most local coffee shops have benches or seats overlooking the street. As you wait you can hear the coffee and various pieces being tapped into the machine. As the coffee slowly begins to drip into the silver container, smell the aromas, earthy, thick, and sweet. Your mouth is sure to water as you hear the milk begin to steam and froth in the espresso machine.

This delicious Cortadito is similar to the Italian espresso. Originating in Cuba, just 90 miles from Key West, the people and the culture made its way to Key West over decades of interaction between the island people. As you sip, you'll likely see a few chickens walk up scouting for a quick breakfast. A few visitors stop take pictures of them. The wind comes off the nearby beach as you drink in your delicious treat. This is how to start your day like a true Key Wester. Walk away knowing you're fully charged up and ready to enjoy the day.

Recipe For Cuban Coffee:

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