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Why You Should Choose Vacation Rentals Over Hotels in Key West

Why vacation rentals in Key West are better than hotels

Are you feeling torn between choosing a vacation home and a hotel room for your upcoming getaway to bright and sunny Key West? Given how hotels have traditionally been the top choice among travelers, whereas vacation rentals are all the hype these days, it is only natural to be a little confused with this decision. However, if you want to truly enjoy your trip to the stunning island without putting a dent in your bank account, staying in a vacation home may be the best idea for you and your family.

Vacation homes include everything from luxury villas and spacious penthouses to modern condos and cozy cottages, meaning you can spend your vacation lounging next to your private pool and enjoying home-cooked meals. Moreover, if you are traveling with a large group or making a longer booking, you would save more money staying in a vacation home than a hotel.

Are you feeling intrigued? Here are some of the biggest reasons you should choose vacation rentals over hotel rooms for your Key West retreat.

1. Home Away from Home

Promising home-like ambiance and comfort, vacation rentals can be your home away from home during the trip. They are equipped with all the amenities one may require, including indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, cookware and utensils, TV, books, laundry facilities, air conditioner, recreational games, toiletries, and more. In other words, you can prepare your own meals, throw a barbecue, and do your laundry without having to pay extra money to the owner of the property.

Additionally, vacation homes are usually a short distance from convenience stores, restaurants, spas, golf courses, and other amenities, which add to their charm.

On the other hand, hotels charge you for everything, whether watching a movie or dry cleaning your clothes. You also won't have to share a pool with a crowd of strangers or worry about dealing with nosy guests, which brings us to our next point.

2. More Privacy 

Imagine putting on your swimwear and packing your bag with sunscreen and towel only to spend the next fifteen minutes fighting for space next to the pool in the hotel. Sounds frustrating, right?

Since hotels cater to many guests at the same time, they cannot offer you the same level of privacy as a vacation rental in Florida. If you choose to stay at a hotel, you will be sharing everything from the hot tub to the dining area with strangers, which is not the most comfortable thing to do when you are trying to relax and unwind. Apart from the shared facilities, hotel rooms are also not the most private places to spend your vacations – especially if you are traveling with family or friends.

Meanwhile, vacation rentals allow a higher level of privacy. You can stretch next to the pool, enjoy a luxurious bath in your private bathroom, enjoy a peaceful dinner, and have a good time with your family without having to deal with other people. Moreover, if you stay at a vacation home, you can always step into your private backyard to get some fresh air or watch your favorite movie in the TV room without worrying about disturbing others.

3. Perfect for Families with Kids

Hotels are not ideal for kids.

If you are traveling with children, you will most likely have to request extra beds, which can take up a lot of space and make your hotel room feel even more cramped. If your kids are slightly older, you may have to book additional rooms, which will cost more money. In addition, most hotels have strict policies when it comes to children enjoying the pool or playing in the lobby.

Fortunately, you won't face any of these issues while staying at a vacation rental in Florida. You can easily find a vacation home suitable for your family without going over your budget. In addition to extra rooms and bathrooms, your children will also have a lot more space to play and run around.

What's even better is that most vacation homes allow guests to bring their pets with them, so you won't have to worry about leaving your furry companion with a friend or a sitter.

4. Additional Security 

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and wondered if it would be safe to leave your prized belongings in the room or bring them with you?

Usually, hotel staff enters the guests' rooms while they are away to replace the bed sheets, vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms, and restock the supplies. While hotels do this for the convenience of their guests, most people are not comfortable with the thought of strangers having access to their luggage while they are not present. Not to mention, it can also be a threat to security.

However, vacation rentals don't allow anyone to enter your home without your permission. Moreover, only those staying at the property have access to it, making it much more secure than any hotel.

It is also worth mentioning that most vacation rental management companies offer their own housekeeping, maintenance, and cleaning services to ensure the guests are enjoying their time in Key West.

5. Bigger Space for Lower Cost

Last but not least, vacation homes offer you a bigger space for a lower price.

Instead of booking multiple rooms, you can book a vacation rental that has enough beds for your entire group. It will make your trip more comfortable and allow you to host small reunions and parties without worrying about disturbing other guests or paying extra attention to the hotel staff.

You will also have access to your private swimming pool and backyard, depending on the rental property you have booked, which will allow your kids to run around and explore the place instead of being confined to a single room. Moreover, you will have the liberty to prepare, cook your own food and live like a local during your stay in Key West.

Please note that some vacation rentals can be slightly expensive owing to their location and luxurious facilities. However, they are also much larger than a hotel room that charges the same amount per night.

Book Your Vacation Rental in Key West Today

Staying in vacation rentals is generally less expensive and more fun than hotels. These homes also offer you more privacy, a bigger space, and home-like facilities. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Key West, please make sure to get in touch with Vacation Homes of Key West. We are a locally owned and operated vacation rental management company that strives to provide its guests with all the latest amenities and facilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your vacation rental today.

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