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Neighborhoods of Key West ~ The Ultimate Key West Map

About The Neighborhoods of Key West

While the island of Key West is also a city with the same name, it is only 2 miles by 4 miles long, likening it more to an island "village" when compared to most locations. As small as the island is, it has grown up as several tiny Key West neighborhoods. While they blur at the parameters, each offers some unique features mostly relating to architectural styles, ambience, and historical interest. The following neighborhood descriptions were created to not only highlight some of the special features of each area within Key West, but also to emphasize how compact the island really is. So when you are choosing your Key West vacation rental, keep in mind that everything in Key West really is close by, that many full time residents choose to get around by foot, bicycle or scooter, and that this middle aged author can ride a bicycle around the entire island in less than one hour.*

*The City of Key West is divided into six political districts, each lead by an elected City of Key West Commissioner. You can see the City of Key West political district map. While the boundaries of these political districts do frequently overlay with the real estate districts described here, these descriptions are designed to accentuate the unique features mostly relating to architectural styles, neighborhood ambience, and historical interest, and in no way are intended to re-define these political districts.

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